Parent Portal is designed for parents to access their students' progress quickly using their own accounts. By using a parent account, users will be able to switch between the students and access their progress such as grades, assignments, attendance, behavior and standards-based assessments without having to do multiple logins. They will also be able to update contact information and send messages to teachers.

Steps for registering a new parent account and adding students

Parents will have to create an account to view their students' information. Multiple students can be added under one parent account or multiple parents can access the same student's information from different accounts. Each student has a unique "Parent Access Code" that should be distributed by the school. This code will be used to add each student to parent account(s).
The steps below can also be found on the "parent letter" provided by the school administration.

Attention! If you already have a parent account (returning parents), login to your account and click on "Add new student" button and follow the steps 2 & 3 below.

Step 1: Go to the signup URL provided by the school.
Step 2: The signup URL will take you to a page where you will be asked to enter the parent access code, birthdate of the student, Student ID Number (if asked), and your relationship to the student.

Note: If the letter provided by your school has a QR code, scanning that code will take you to the site and enter the access code automatically. You will then need to enter the remaining information to continue.

Step 3: If the information is correct, you will be redirected to a page where you can see your student's name. If this is your student, click continue, if not, click cancel and contact the school. If the information is not correct and the system cannot find any student, please contact your school administration.

Step 4: After verifying your student and clicking on continue, you will be redirected to a registration page. You will create a new parent account by providing the information requested and selecting a password for your account. Click on "Create my new account" when done.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to complete account creation. Once you click on the link in the confirmation email, you will be re-directed to the site and your account will be ready to use.

Step 6: Once logged in to the site, you can add another student by clicking on the "Add new student" button located on your dashboard.

Step 7: To add additional student(s), please follow Steps 2 & 3.

Navigating the Parent Dashboard

Parents will first be directed to their dashboards once they log in. On the dashboard, they will be presented with the following items
1) Navigation drawer for easy access to dashboard, site home, calendar, and the detailed pages of behavior, attendance, grades, assignments. The navigation drawer can be expended or minimized by clicking on the icon. 
2) Messaging, notifications, staff directory, site tour, and user profile icons are located on the top right corner of the site. The small arrow icon is to expand the messaging and upcoming events area for easy access.
3) You can switch between your students via this dropdown menu. Selected student's picture, name, and grades will be displayed on top of the page. You can add a new student by clicking the "Add new student" in the same dropdown list.
4) Update student contact info will appear here when it is made available by the school.
5) Selected student's courses are presented as cards.

6) Clicking on the little arrow icon will open up the block area where you can find the quick links, calendar, and user files. There may be other blocks added in this area by your school administration.

7) Snapshots for assignments, behavior, attendance are listed in this area. Clicking on the numbers. When you click on any of the numbers, you will be taken to the page with details.
8) Student's current grade average for the current and past terms are can be found under the assignment snapshots in a graphical format. You can switch between students by using the drop-down menu if you have multiple students. Clicking on the bars in the graph will take you to the grades summary page where you can go through the detailed grades for each course.

9) Standards performance by proficiency charts presented here if used by the school.

10) This section of the dashboard shows the recent feedbacks given by the teachers and recent forum activities that you are subscribed to such as site news.

On the detailed information page, parents can

1) Switch between students using the same dropdown menu,

2) Access the detailed information about Assignments, Grades, Standards Performance, Attendance, Behavior and download Progress Reports

3) Access the sub menus

4) Hover over the grades with the comment icon to see comments given by the teacher.

Once on the course details, you can click on the assignments to see the detailed explanations or any documents attached.

Under the grades tab, parents can see the summary of grades for all the grading terms and 1) navigate through the courses to see the details, 2) Click on any course name to go to the course's home page 3) send message to teachers by clicking on massaging icon next to teacher's name. 4) Click on any grades to see that course's detailed assignment grades for the current grading term.

Messaging with teachers

Once clicked on the chat icon (3) as seen on the above screenshot, parents will be taken to the messaging page to send a message to the selected teacher. Parents will only see the teachers of their students on the contact list. To switch between teachers, simply click on the name listed on the left side of the screen. Messages are always saved and can be accessed later in the future. If you have any unread messages, a number will be shown on the message icon located on the right of the top tool bar.

Updating Student Information

When school administration opens the update window for parents on parent portal plugin settings, a link will appear next to each student on the parent dashboard. Parents can click on this link during this update window and update the information.