Administrators should make sure to check the below items to make sure they are updated before the school data is imported. Most of the plugin settings can be accessed via "School → Radix Plugins & Blocks" menu. The following settings are essential for your system to work properly.

  1. Check to make sure the terms' beginning and end dates and school year are correct on Core Plugin settings. Date formats must be like YYYY-MM-DD. The dates on this page are usually copied over from the previous year, so, please pay extra attention to the year.
  2. Check to make sure grading cut off and category hiding dates are correct on Assignment Plugin Settings. These dates determine the grading window end date for each term and the date grading categories are made hidden in the activities.
  3. Check to see if the assignment restrictions have been set up correctly on Assignment Plugin Settings.
  4. Add/Update your school holidays on Non-school days/holidays setting. These dates are used in various places on the site such as assignments, lesson plans, weekly progress emails, attendance, and school calendar.
  5. Check to see if the non-returning staff is already disabled, if not, disable them via School → Users → Staff.
  6. Disable/Withdraw any non-returning students School → Users → Students. This is necessary only if your school is not importing fresh student data every year.
  7. If you have made any changes to your student code of conduct, make sure to reflect those updates on your discipline plugin settings and form settings via School → Discipline → Discipline form settings
  8. If your attendance codes have changed, or a new attendance code needs to be added, please contact Radix support to have them added/updated for you.
  9. If you need to permanently delete any of the users on your site, you can do that via Site Users. To access the list of site users, go to your dashboard, scroll down to the latest users block and click on the "View all users" link. On this page, users can be filtered based on their role, access date, name etc. Once you found the users you want to delete, click on the delete icon at end of the row of that user.

It is strongly recommended to go over the rest of the plugin settings listed under Radix Plugins and Blocks to make sure they are configured the way you want it.