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Mobile App

Radix LMS mobile app helps increase student and parent engagement. Students can browse course content even when offline. Receive instant notifications of messages, events, and grades via push notifications. Students can upload images, audio, videos, and other files to their repository or assignments. Parents and students can message the teachers on the go. Students can easily submit assignments, access forums, and take quizzes on any Android or IOS devices.

To download the Radix LMS Mobile app, search for "Radix Mobile" on the App/Play store or go to our website and click on the icon of your device's operating system. You can also download the app by clicking on the banner that pops up when you access your school's Radix site via your mobile device.

Students can only interact with the activities in Radix mobile app if they log in using their student accounts such as submitting assignments, taking quizzes, participating in forum discussions, etc.

Login to Radix Mobile App

Once you downloaded and tapped the app, the first thing you are asked is to find your school or type in your school's Radix LMS site URL.

Radix Mobile app site search screen. On this screen, you can search your school by name, city, zip, or short name (e.g FSU). Once you start typing, it should find the schools.

Tap on your school name to go to the login screen. If you can not find your school with a search, you can still enter the full URL of the Radix LMS site of your school.

Please keep in mind that the Radix URL is not the school's web address.

Once your site address is verified, you should see your school's name and site URL below the Radix logo.

Please make sure this is your school before proceeding to enter your credentials. If you are a student, you can use your username and password provided

by your school to log in to the app.

Parents are required to sign-up for an account and add students via browser before proceeding to login to the mobile app. Please contact your school and request the instructions to sign-up for an account and add your child.

Navigating the app

Once logged in, the first page you land on is the dashboard where you will see the snapshot of the assignment statuses, course term averages, and attendance summary. (Discipline and report cards will be added to the app dashboard too). Parents' dashboard will also have the student image at the corner where they can tap on it and switch between them if they have multiple children added to their account.

Tapping on the numbers in the circles or a course on the dashboard will take you to the details of it.

If you do not see the attendance section on the dashboard, that means your school is not using the Radix LMS to take attendance. You will have to contact your school to request your child's attendance records.

Student dashboard

Parent account dashboard switching between students.

Navigation menu icons are located at the bottom of the screen of the phones or on the side of the screen on tablets.

Double-tap on the icons will take you back to the main page of the menu.

Tap the hamburger (three-line) icon to access the remaining menu items.

It is possible to connect to multiple schools or multiple accounts of the same school via the mobile app. To add more accounts or schools, tap the three-dot icon and then tap the "Change/Add site or user" menu. To add another user or site, tap the plus sign, and follow the instructions.

Adding more students

It is possible to add more of your students to your parent account if they are at the same school. To do that, simply tap on the user picture and tap "add student". After you tap next, you will be asked to verify your students by entering some information and brought back to the app if successful.


The Radix Mobile app will notify the user with two types of notifications:

1- Push notifications when feedback/grade is entered, a message sent to the user, or a forum post to the site news.

2- Calendar event notifications which remind the user of an upcoming event or activity. This includes all the assignments,
and activities in the course(s) with a due date. Make sure to allow your phone to receive notifications from the app.
If you missed any of the notifications, you can access the most recent ones by going to the "Notifications" menu.

The default notification time for calendar events can be changed by going to the calendar >> settings >> default notification time 


You can send and receive messages to/from your teachers via the Radix Mobile app if allowed by the school administration.

To send messages to your teachers, tap the "grades" icon, and tap the messaging icon next to the teacher name you want to send a message.

Messages can be accessed later via the messaging main menu of the app.

Attendance & Behavior

If used by your school, the attendance and behavior snapshots will be available on the student and parent dashboard of the app. Tapping on any of the numbers will take you to detailed information about the current day's attendance or a list of behavior logs. You can also access the behavior and attendance details by tapping on the flag or check icon.

Making submissions via the mobile app

Students can make/change submissions to the assignments via the mobile app. They can attach a file(s) from the device or from a drive on the cloud. They can also take a picture/video of their work and submit to the assignment. Videos below whos how to submit a picture you take to an assignment.



Report cards/ Progress reports

To access the students' progress reports via the mobile app:

  • tap the hamburger icon on the bottom right corner to navigate to the main menu
  • tap the "Report cards/Progress reports" menu
  • on the next page, you will see the pdf reports available for you
  • tap on any of the available reports to download them to your phone
  • to create an instant progress report, tap on the "Generate" button
  • once the instant progress report is ready, it will be listed under the "User-generated progress reports" title
  • tap to open/download to your phone.
  • you will have to re-generate an instant progress report if you leave this page and come back.

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