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Radix LMS updates - Jan 30, 2022

These changes have been rolled out since December 1, 2021. Please click on the corresponding links to learn more about the change or the new feature. The changes are labeled based on the primary target role and related plugin.

Gamification - The Game block


Want to create a more "gamified" learning environment in your course and engage your students! Gamify your students' learning experience by having them level up in their courses using the “Game” block.
The Game block allows students to earn scores and level up based on four criteria: Activity grades, Completion of activities or resources, Completion of entire section/week, and Daily login to the course. Click here to learn more about the Game block.

Quickmail - Bulk email for teachers and admins


Quickmail is a convenient way of sending bulk emails to the users in a course or on the site for their courses or on the site. When students are the recipients of the message, their mentors and registered parents can be sent a copy of the message with a click of a button. You can also set automatic notifications to be sent to students and their parents/mentors based on the term grades or course participation using Quickmail. Click here to learn more about Quickmail.

Improved recurring assignments process


The process of recurring assignments has been improved for a better user experience. When all or part of the assignments fall on school holidays, the user will be informed and asked to take action if necessary. Teachers will have to wait for the current recurring assignment process to finish to start another one. Click here to learn more about the recurring assignments.

Bug fixes and Core version upgrade to 3.11.4


The core version is upgraded to 3.11.4 that includes various bug fixes and security improvements.

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