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Radix LMS updates - March 2024

We're thrilled to share the latest enhancements and bug fixes to our RADIX Learning Management System. Each update is designed to streamline your experience, whether you're teaching, learning, or managing behind the scenes. Discover more about each update by checking them out on your site!

New Features 🆕

Behavior Alert System

We've introduced a Behavior Alert System to keep selected users informed about students' repeated behavior or the overall behavior of those in specialized programs such as ESE, Special Education, 504 Plans, Gifted, and ELL. This system delivers alerts through email and Radix notifications at your chosen frequency. Customize your alerts to monitor specific behaviors, consequences, and thresholds for each program, or opt for a single, comprehensive update for a broader overview.



New Functionalities (plus)

Late Work Grading Visibility

Enabled real-time viewing of a student's term average on the late work grading page, facilitating informed grading decisions for teachers.

Mentor-Mentee Block

Added functionality for mentors, including the ability to download mentee transcripts, a searchable student name box, detailed attendance information, and mentee contact details, enriching the mentorship experience.

Bulk Commendation Entry

Empowered teachers to record commendations for all students in a selected period with administrative approval, fostering positive student recognition.

Transcript Mid-Year Reporting

Introduced a setting to calculate yearly course grades based on finalized term grades for mid-year transcripts, enhancing accuracy.

Enhancements and Resolutions (tick)

  • Quickmail: Enhanced stability and performance through various bug fixes.

  • Parent Portal: Enhanced the parent account invitation CSV report by adding previously missing fields for complete information.

  • Grade Reports:

    • Added a "Departments" column to the course term grade report for better clarity.

    • Ensured the "EX" prefix for extra credit assignments appears consistently across the platform.

  • Discipline:

    • Enhanced the clarity of conduct log run period notification messages.

    • Corrected the referral step search error.

    • Updated conduct log reports to display points even for violations with a warning step.

    • Enabled CSV download of the conduct log report for all authorized users.

  • SIS to LMS Synchronization:

    • Resolved issues with student re-enrollment and period assignments.

    • Enhanced synchronization logic for students across different sessions, ensuring accurate enrollment end dates.

    • Aligned the student's Enrollment Date in the SIS with the Start Date in the LMS course, affecting both new enrollments and schedule adjustments.

  • Student/Parent Dashboard: Now accurately displays grading dates for assignments graded prior to the due date.

  • Scheduling: Resolved the course combo-box selection issue, improving user interaction.

  • Report Card:

    • Grade rounding settings now apply consistently across detailed course pages and summary pages.

    • Corrected the overall comment title for improved readability.

    • Added an "Excluded" indicator next to assignment titles on detailed course pages for increased transparency.

  • Transcript: Fixed a configuration issue affecting mid-year reporting accuracy.

  • Assignment Reports: Now accurately displays only the data filtered by the user, enhancing report relevance.

  • Assignments: Fixed an error related to recurring assignments in courses without an end date, improving course management efficiency.

  • Grading: Addressed an issue on the late work grading page related to adding comments to SBAs, streamlining the grading process.

  • Attendance:

    • Adjusted the cumulative attendance report to accurately reflect period changes, ensuring comprehensive attendance tracking.

    • Updated daily attendance, student monitor, and class monitor reports to include periods "HR" and "00" for a complete overview.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your experience and support educational excellence. Explore the new features and improvements, and as always, we value your feedback for future enhancements.

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