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Discipline Management System

The Discipline Management System is an integrated module within the Radix Learning Management System (LMS) designed to streamline educational institutions' reporting, processing, and tracking of disciplinary incidents. This plugin enables school staff to maintain detailed records of student behavior history while ensuring effective communication with parents and students through timely notifications and updates.

Discipline Plugin Settings

Plugin settings page is located under School >> Discipline quick menu. It can also be accessed via plugin settings at Site Administration >> Discipline. Before the beginning of each academic year, school admins must check these settings to ensure everything is current.

Following are the items you will find under discipline plugin settings:

  • Allowed grades:  Grade levels to be included in the discipline system. The unchecked grade level students will not be visible in any form or list in the discipline system.

  • Admin View: Checked roles on this list will have full administrative privileges in the discipline system.

  • ISS View: Checked roles on this list will have ISS teacher privileges in the discipline system.

  • Admin decision on teachers' conduct log list: When enabled (checked), the teacher's conduct log list will display the admin's decisions for logs that have been processed.

  • Allow team leaders to see all conduct logs for their team grades: When enabled (checked), they can view all conduct logs entered for students within their designated team grades. To utilize this feature, ensure the team leader role and team grades are configured correctly in the Radix user settings.

  • From email: Use this setting to specify the sender's email address for discipline-related notifications sent to students and parents. When 'User email' is chosen, the system will automatically use the email and name of the user who initiated the disciplinary action (e.g., the user processing a referral, entering a conduct log, implementing a disposition, etc.) as the sender of the notification. Alternatively, if 'Custom email' is selected, you can manually input a sender's email address in the provided field.

  • Commendation: Name of the “violation” to be used for positive conduct. Please note that the violations must have been saved under the minor violations form setting to make a selection here.

  • Tardy: If you are utilizing attendance in Radix LMS, you can assign an automatic conduct log once a student is marked tardy. If yes, you must select the violation name for tardiness and any warning steps. Select the periods to be included and the attendance code (i.e. T, ET) to be included for the conduct log entry.

  • Discipline letter: Signature to be placed on official discipline letters for parents. You may include additional notes under your signature here. Keep in mind that a longer text may result in a multi-page letter.

  • Parent notification email body: This is the body of the referral and disposition (minor consequences) letter email to be sent to parents. Items in double brackets “[[ ]]” are dynamic text. Please do not alter them.

  • Office referral form email body: Body of email notification sent to administrators when teachers report a referral. You may enter additional recipients to receive these emails. It is sent to the AP of discipline and Dean roles by default.

  • Returned office referral notification: Email subject and body for referrals returned to teachers.

  • Conduct & Commendation log notification: This is the body of the notification message to students and their parents when a conduct log or commendation entry is made.

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