Frequently asked questions for parents and students

I logged in with my parent account successfully but I don't see my student(s)

If you do not see your student after you successfully logged in to the site but instead see a message saying you need to add your students, simply hover over the top navigation bar and click on "Add student" and fill in the information about your student.

I registered a new account but can't log in to the site

If you successfully confirmed your student and registered a new account on the site, the system will send you a confirmation email to make sure you have access to the email you provided. After you click on the confirmation link in the email, you will be able to login to your account on the site. Please make sure to check your spam box too. If you didn't receive a confirmation email within an hour, please contact your school for further assistance. The email service providers may delay the delivery if this is your first time receiving email messages from the Radix LMS. Please add "" to your safe sender list in your mailbox settings.

I didn't receive a confirmation email after I registered a new account

Make sure to check your spam folder first. The confirmation email may take up to 10 minutes to be sent to the new accounts. If you haven't received a confirmation email after 10 minutes or accessed the email beyond the deadline to confirm, a button will be available to resent the confirmation.

Go to the login page of your site and try to log in with the email and password you used to create your account. If the account was successfully created, you should see a message like below on the login page. Please click on the "resend confirmation email" button to have the system send another confirmation message.