Navigating the student dashboard

Students will first be directed to their dashboards once they log in. On the dashboard they will be presented with the following items:

  1. Navigation drawer for easy access to dashboard, site home, calendar. The navigation drawer can be expended or minimized by clicking on the icon. 
  2. Messaging, notifications, staff directory, site tour, users' guide and user profile icons are located on the top right corner of the site.
  3. Logged in student's name
  4. My Courses that the student is enrolled in. Clicking on the course image will take the students to the course page.
  5. The small arrow icon is used to expand the messaging and upcoming events area for easy access.
    Students can click on the teacher's name and send messages without leaving the current page. (see two small screenshots on the left).
  6. The side block area where you can find the quick links, site news, calendar, upcoming events, and user files. There may be other blocks added in this area by your school administration. Clicking
    this icon will hide or expand the block area.
  7. Student summary card will show assignment and behavior summaries without leaving the dashboard. Clicking on the summary numbers will take you to the detailed reports. The other tabs, report cards and resources, are links to those pages where you can see the details.
  8. Tasks to be completed card will show the activities to be completed today, upcoming or overdue.
  9. The student's current grade average for the current and past terms can be found in my grades card a graphical format. Clicking on the bars in the graph will take you to the grades summary page where you can check the detailed grades for each course.
  10. If administered at your school, standards performance by proficiency zones will show the student's performance on the latest benchmark tests.
  11. The last card at the bottom will display the recent feedback given by the teachers and the recently active forum discussions.

How to access my courses

There are several ways to access your course via the dashboard after you logged in.

Important! If your school is taking auto-attendance which requires you to go to each of your courses, this is how you do it...

1- Click on the course image on the dashboard

2- Click on the course name in the left navigation drawer. The navigation drawer will always be on the left and you can access the other courses without going back to your dashboard.

Making assignment submissions via the mobile app