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Messaging Settings

Messaging settings for all users

  • Users can decide how they want to be notified of new messages and event notifications by editing their messaging preferences page, which they can access either from the Preferences link in the user menu or from the gear icon in the messaging/notifications menus. See Messagingand Notifications for more information.
  • Which options they see there depend on what has been enabled by the administrator. For example, the mobile option is only available if the site is enabled for the mobile app.

Enabling/disabling messaging sitewide

The personal messaging system in Radix LMS is enabled on the site by default. It may be disabled by a site administrator from 'Advanced features' in Site administration.

Student and parent roles are not allowed to send or receive messages from other students or parents. Students and parents are only allowed to send/receive messages from their teachers and other staff.

Default message outputs

You can specify the default outputs for each type of message that Radix can send in 'Default message outputs' in Site administration.

Site administration > Plugins > Message outputs > Default message outputs

You can also set to what degree each type of message is enabled, and whether users are able to change these default settings in their profiles:

  • Disallowed - This particular type of message is not allowed at all and users will not see any settings related to them. The message of the chosen type will never be delivered.
  • Permitted - Users are permitted or allowed to change the settings. When the user account is created, the new user will inherit the settings the administrator sets here, but will be allowed to change them afterward in their Messaging settings. Messages will be delivered as the user sets them on their own Messagingsettings page.
  • Locked - Users are not permitted or allowed to change these settings. When the user account is created, the new user will inherit the settings the administrator sets here and will never be allowed to change them. Messages will be delivered for all users as you set them on this page.

Logged in/Offline

You can set whether each of these will be sent when the user is online through the messaging system interface available to users in their profiles, and/or whether each output is sent via email.

Ordering of messaging settings

Because users might have many different messaging options, they are ordered into different components - for example, activities, system, enrolments etc.

Example notifications preferences screen - student view

List of message types

Except for Personal messages between users, which refers to the interaction messaging tool on a user profile, the other messages are generated by events in Radix LMS. These are set in the system by the Administrator in Site administration > Plugins > Message outputs > Default message outputs.

Output NameDescriptionRecipients
Assignment notificationsStudent has submitted an assignmentTeacher
Warning when your quiz attempt becomes overdueSee SBA settingsStudent
Backup notificationsAutomated backup schedule run completedSite administrators
Badge creator notificationsNotify creator of a badge when it is awarded to someoneAny badge creator (typically Teacher or Manager role)
Badge recipient notificationsNotify recipient of a badge when it is awarded to themAny badge recipient (typically Student role)
Confirmation of your own quiz submissionsNotice your quiz was successfully submittedStudent
Course creation request approval notificationNotice a requested course has been approvedDefined in Site admin > Courses > Course request > Course request notification
Course creation request notificationNotice a course has been requestedDefined in Site admin > Courses > Course request > Course request notification
Course creation request rejection notificationNotice a requested course has been rejectedDefined in Site admin > Courses > Course request > Course request notification
Subscribed forum digestsSets default for this for user profilesAuthenticated users
Important errors with the siteImportant errorsSite administrators
Manual enrolment expiry notificationsNotice if Manual enrolment about to expireManual enrolees
Self enrolment expiry notificationsNotify users when their enrolment expiresEnroller only, or Enroller & Enrolled user
Lesson essay graded notificationNotify students a teacher has graded a Lesson essay questionStudent
Personal messages between usersUsing the Messaging interface toolAuthenticated Users
Feedback reminderFeedback non-respondent reminder messageStudent feedback activity non-responders
Notices about minor problems
Site administrators
Notification of rule subscriptionsNotifications from Event monitoring rulesEvent rule subscribers
Subscribed forum postsDefault for forum subscription handlingAnyone subscribed to a forum
Feedback notificationsNotices from setting Enable notification of submissionsTeacher, Feedback administrator
Notification of quiz submissionsA message that student has submitted a quizTeacher


All email messages and notifications go to the email address set in a user's profile. The administrator can optionally allow users to choose to have notifications sent to a different email address. This is off by default and can be enabled in Site administration > Advanced features > Notification email override.

Users can then enter their alternative email address under Preferences/User account/Notification preferences: Click on the gear icon next to "Email" in the table header and enter the alternative email.

Note: The 'messagingallowemailoverride' setting does not affect failed login notifications as they do not go through the messaging system, and will therefore still go to the original email specified.

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