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Radix LMS updates - Oct 1, 2022

Please find the updates we have rolled out since the last update. Please click on the corresponding links to learn more about the updates. They are labeled based on the primary target role and related plugin.

SIS to Radix LMS Data Synchronization


As part of our long-term effort to integrate data from SIS, we successfully implemented a file-based synchronization of staff, student, and parent data into schools' to the Radix LMS. The next phase of this project which is to integrate courses, master schedules, and student schedules will be implemented next school year. With this feature, the school admins will not have to spend any time importing data to LMS. All updates they do on their SIS will automatically be integrated into their Radix LMS.

Upload external reports to student & parent dashboard


School admins can now upload pdf reports to the dashboards for students and parents to see/download. Multiple reports for a single student can be uploaded. This would be a convenient way of presenting the academic progress of a student from an external educational resource. Click here for a quick guide on how to upload external reports.

Bug fixes & other improvements


Various bug fixes, security updates, and improvements have been implemented for messaging, grading, grade reporting, question bank, parent notification and more.

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